Technically 200

Technically 200: Moms in STEM

Dr. Joanelle Bailey & Dr. Nevette Bailey

Fact: You can do anything you set your mind to.

In honor of Mother’s Day around the corner, we’re throwing it back to an amazing episode from Season 3! From a civil engineer to paramedic then surgeon OR a professional ballerina to Ph.D. in Chemistry then a software engineer.

Dr. Joanelle Bailey, M.D. (Surgical Critical Care/Acute Care Surgery Fellow, University of Pennsylvania) and Dr. Nevette Bailey, Ph.D. (Software Engineer, Etsy) are two twin badass Moms in STEM.

In this week’s episode, they talk about EVERYTHING from – Navigating pregnancy during a pandemic, being a front line worker, online dating and even systemic racism. (FYI: Check out our Interview with Nevette during Season 1)