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Technically 200 Talks: Caty Caldwell & Jessica Odeyemi

Technically 200 Talks: Women in Tech

Caty Caldwell & Jessica Odeyemi

Being exposed to STEM from an early age through Rube Goldberg experiments and attending Princeton University, are just a few things Caty Caldwell (Program Manager, Facebook) and Jessica Odeyemi (Senior Technical Product Manager, IBM) have in common. 

Join us for our first Technically 200 Talks, a roundtable conversation of what it means to be a black woman in tech. Jessica and Caty challenge listeners to take action by sharing a few things you can do in just one week  to advance blacks in tech!

S2:E1 Jessica Odeyemi

Season 2: Episode 1

Jessica Odeyemi

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Jessica Odeyemi, Senior Technical Product Manager at IBM, kicks this month’s Technically 200 Series.

Get inspired to continue pushing and believing in yourself by listening to her unique journey into tech by studying rocket science at Princeton, working in oil and gas then going to get her MBA at Duke University.

Technically 200 Talks: Miranda Stratton, Ph.D.

Technically 200 Talks: Latinas in STEM

Miranda Stratton, Ph.D.

This week our Hispanic Heritage Month Season featuring #LatinasinSTEM comes to a close with an exciting final 4th episode. 

In this episode, we feature Miranda Stratton, Ph.D. who is the Assistant Director for Biosciences Diversity Programs at Stanford Medicine and a co-host on the FLI Collective podcast . She shares about her passion for being a justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion practitioner as well as her personal background navigating intersectional identities that have shaped her into the fierce trailblazer she has become. 

Listen to The FLI Collective on major podcast streaming platforms. You can also check out The FLI Collective at, on Instagram @theflicollective, and Twitter @fli_collective.

#HispanicHeritageMonth #WomeninSTEM 

Technically 200 Talks: Eva “Gaby” Baylon, Ph.D.

Technically 200 Talks: Latinas in STEM

Eva "Gaby" Baylon, Ph.D.

We are in full swing of season 4, featuring Latinas in STEM in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Episode 3 is here, and our guest is Gaby Baylon, Human Factors Engineer at Abbott Laboratories. This episode, Gaby shares her personal story and unique career trajectory with us as she dives into the obstacles she’s overcome and challenges she’s welcomed. 

Her advice? 

Remind yourself that whatever stage you are at, your accomplishments need to be celebrated!”

#HispanicHeritageMonth #WomeninSTEM #LatinasinSTEM

Technically 200 Talks: Elaine Zuniga

Technically 200 Talks: Latinas in STEM

Elaine Zuniga

“As far as being a Latina in the STEM world, I think it’s such an incredible honor and privilege to be a representative of my culture, of my ethnicity.” – Elaine Zuniga

We are back with our 2nd episode of season 4, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, featuring #LatinasinSTEM! Elaine Zuniga, Lead Product Manager at Buoy Health is the second Latina in STEM we have the pleasure of highlighting.

In this week’s episode Elaine keeps it real as she shares about her pathway into STEM and challenges she faced within, not only the education system, but professional pursuits as a non-traditional candidate for many opportunities. She also highlights what kept her motivated to go after the future she envisioned for herself and how she has prioritized lifting up those with similar stories!

#HispanicHeritageMonth #WomeninSTEM 

Technically 200 Talks: Claudia Varela

Technically 200 Talks: Latinas in STEM

Claudia Varela

We are kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month with our first episode of Techincally 200‘s 4th season featuring Latinas in STEM!

Claudia Varela, Ph.D Candidate in the Harvard-MIT Program of Health Sciences and Technology is the first Latina we thrilled to highlight.

In this week’s episode we get to hear Claudia’s story as she shares how she juggled immigrating to the U.S. as a teenager, pursuing higher education focused on a STEM career, and maintaining her passion for dance through the adversity and rigor of it all. 

Technically 200 Talks: Vianey Garcia-Osorio & Marla Britt Fields

Technically 200 Talks: Moms in STEM

Dr. Joanelle Bailey & Dr. Nevette Bailey

Being a mom has made me a better manager.

In our final episode of our season featuring #MomsInSTEM. Friends, Marla (Senior Program Manager, NOVA Instruments) & Vianey (Senior Program Manager, WISK Aero) met during their time at Applied Materials through a Woman’s Working Group. Tune in to hear how they have supported each other in work and in motherhood.

Technically 200 Talks: Joanelle Bailey & Nevette Bailey

Technically 200 Talks: Moms in STEM

Dr. Joanelle Bailey & Dr. Nevette Bailey

Fact: You can do anything you set your mind to.

From a civil engineer to paramedic then surgeon OR a professional ballerina to Ph.D. in Chemistry then a software engineer.

Dr. Joanelle Bailey, M.D. (Surgical Critical Care/Acute Care Surgery Fellow, University of Pennsylvania) and Dr. Nevette Bailey, Ph.D. (Software Engineer, Etsy) are two twin badass Moms in STEM.

In this week’s episode they talk about EVERYTHING from – Navigating pregnancy during a pandemic, being a front line worker, online dating and even systemic racism. (FYI: Check out our Interview with Nevette during Season 1)

Technically 200 Talks: LaKeisha Batts & Lori Banks

Technically 200 Talks: Moms in STEM

LaKeisha Batts, PhD & Lori Banks, PhD

Five months pregnant and defending her thesis.

Hear about this incredible story in this week’s Technically 200 episode featuring Dr. LaKeisha Batts (CEO, Science Unlimited) and Dr. Lori Banks (Assistant Professor of Biology, Bates College). Dr. Batts & Dr. Banks talk about navigating motherhood while pursuing their PhDs. They share their thoughts on how academia can change to support more mothers pursuing higher degrees.

Drop a comment below on how you think academic institutions can support working parents.

Technically 200 Talks: Airiel Bouie & Alexis Hall

Technically 200 Talks: Moms in Medicine

Airiel Bouie & Alexis Hall

Embracing Motherhood and studying Medicine.

That’s what Moms Airiel Bouie and Alexis Hall, both medical students University of Illinois at Chicago. They’re not only creating a better future for themselves and their families, but they’re also preparing to make a difference in the lives of their patients.

In this episode, Airiel and Alexis take a dive deep into black maternal health, the importance of patient advocacy and share what it’s like to be a new Mom in medical school.

Technically 200 Talks: Michelle Tovar-Mora & Fernanda Sulantay

Technically 200 Talks: Moms in STEM

Michelle Tovar-Mora & Fernanda Sulantay

How can more companies support Moms in STEM?

Both Michelle (Mechanical Engineer, @galvanizestem) and Fernanda (Chemical Engineering PhD student at Yale University, @fernandasulantay) get REAL about how companies in STEM can make workplace environments more inclusive for Moms.

From providing childcare, flex work hours and promoting a breastfeeding friendly environment are just a few topics Michelle and Fernanda discuss in this week’s episode of Technically 200.

Technically 200 Talks: Carmen Broomes & Carmen Johnson

Technically 200 Talks: Moms in STEM

Carmen Broomes & Carmen Johnson

“I have to start being ok with not being able to be everything to everybody.” – Carmen J. (WP Engine)

For Season 3, we’re featuring Moms in STEM. In our very first episode, we’re talking to the Carmens – Carmen J (WP Engine) and Carmen B (Handshake). Yup, two friends who share the same name and have helped each other navigate being a Black Mom in Tech…during a pandemic.

They drop some major truths about balancing a career, being a mom and learning when to say “No” – to both your kids and in your career.

Listen to the episode now in the link below!